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Cities: Skylines Complete Edition

Cities: Skylines Complete Edition 

Cities: Skylines Complete Edition

Cities: Skylines Complete Edition is a construction and management simulation game. In the game, the player plays the role of a civil engineer and management engineer. And in the game, the player will do various work for a city. It includes the construction works, tax collection, and management of the environment, shelters, and local transports. The player will also work for the different fundamental items of a city.

Like the management of funds, health, and population. Players can also able to keep the city in the sandbox. That gives the player unlimited creative opportunities. Furthermore, This game has only a single-player mode. This game uses the unity engine. And it includes new features like original road locations and original movements of objects. Also the services of a city.

Gameplay Of Cities: Skylines Free Download

In the Gameplay Of Cities: Skylines Free Download player starts the game from the lowest level. And then the player purchases a big plot in the city. And in the game exchange system of the plot with the nearest highways has a fixed price. The Player also has to manage the fundamental and residential items for it. The player starts the construction works of residential and industrial buildings. And the player also manages the water supply, electricity supply, and other fundamental works. And its also the duty of the player to provide jobs for the public.

If the player completes his project successfully then he will be given new tasks. The player will also provide more facilities to the citizens. Such as Police stations, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, and so on. With time as he gets success, he will add more facilities in his city. And this is the game of the competition. If you succeed to complete your project according to the specifications you will win the game.

Development Of Cities: Skylines Highly Compressed

Development Of Cities: Skylines Highly Compressed is developed by Colossal. And published by Paradox interactive. Mariana Hallikainen is the producer of this game. Furthermore, the designers of this game are Kariliina Korppoo, Henri Hai Makinen, and Miska Fredman. The game program by Antti Lehto and Damien Morello. And the artist of this game is Antti Isosomppi. Cities: Skylines is composed by Jonne Valtonen and Jani Laaksonen. Moreover, this game release for these platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One,macOS, Linux, and Nintendo switch. For Windows,macOS, and Linux game release on 10 Mar 2015. And for the Xbox game release on 21 Apr 2017. After that, it is released for PlayStation 4 on 14 Aug 2017.

However, on 13 Sep 2018, it is released for Nintendo Switch. This game generally gets Favourable and positive reviews from critics. According to Metacritic, this game gets an 85/100 score from PC. It also gets 81/100 form PS4 and 67/100 from NS. According to the publication review score, this game gets the following scores.

  • 9/10 scores from Destructoid
  • 8/10 scores from Gameinformer
  • 8.5/10 scores from IGN
  • 86/100 scores from PC Gamer
  • 5/5 Stars from The Escapist
Our Review and Experience Of Cities: Skylines For PC

This game is based on engineering social and fundamental works. If you are intrusted in these types of works. Then this game is according to your expectations. Yes, I have played this game. And I like its gameplay and features. You can get a lot of experience in Civil engineering and other fundamental works. That will also useful for your professional work.

Cities: Skylines Torrent

System Requirments For Cities: Skylines Torrent Get
  • Central Processing Unit: Intel Core Duo 3.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 3.2GHz.
  •  Central Processing Unit Speed: INFO.
  • Required RAM For The Game: 4 Gb.
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista,7,8, and Windows 8.1 with 64 Bit(Operating System).
  • Nvidia Geforce Video Card GTX 260 with 512 MB Video RAM.
  •  Pixel Shader and Vertex Shader: 4.0. 4 Gb
  • Free Space For Disk.

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