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Days Gone For PC

Days Gone Download For PC Full Version

Days Gone For PC

Days Gone Download For PC is and survival, horror, and adventure game. The game is based on a Deacon Avenue earlier in the year after the two International Epidemic appeared in Oregon. And the game open world is set in Oregon. Furthermore, the main character of the game is John who is a drifter. After the event of the international epidemic, John comes to know that his wife is still alive.

So he goes out to find his wife. Being a drifter John has a motorcycle that is used for transporting. The players can use firearms, temporary weapons, and melee weapons, as well as enemy personnel and defense fighters known as Frances. As well as the game allows the player to freely explore its open world.

Gameplay Of Days Gone Free Download

Days Gone Free Download is a terrorist game played in an open world, from the perspective of a third person. In this game, the player plays the role of Deacon John, an old mountain warrior who has attempted about ten mountain wars. He is also a hunter who loves to travel in the mountains. The game follows the event of the international global epidemic which killed millions of people and created millions of weird zombie animals. Human enemies and wild animals are also included in the game. There are different tasks in the game.

The player can achieve those tasks and can complete them in various ways. For example, a player can use weapons or can use stealth in a fight. Weather system changes and day-to-day routines are also included in the game. Which makes day and night fighting more and more difficult. Because of this system, the player’s enemies become weaker during the day and become stronger at night. So the player can use the benefit of the day cycle and can complete many tasks easily. The player’s character uses a special vehicle. That special vehicle is a bike. The player can also modify the speed and specialties of his bike.

Development Of Days Gone Highly Compressed

Development Of Days Gone Highly Compressed started at the end of 2015. And complete at the start of 2019. The game was fully released on 26 Apr 2019. Furthermore, the developer of the game is SIE Bend Studio. The publisher of the game is Sony Interactive Entertainment. John Garvin and Jeff Ross are the directors of the game. The producer of the game is Darren Tager. Ron Allen is the designer and John Hoffman is the programmer of this game.

However, John Gravin is the director and Nathan Whitehead is the composer of the game. This game has an Unreal Engine 4. And is only available for the PlayStation 4 platform. Moreover, after its release, this game sold 114,319 game units worldwide. And it’s the sale of its first week. This game also got the award of the top ten best-selling games in 2019. And it gets a ranking of 4/5 stars from critics.

Our Review And Experience About Days Gone PC Game

The game Days Gone is an astonishing game. And is full of dangers. The unique thing in this game is the transporting system of the bike. It is so entertaining. You can kill your opponents while riding the bike. Anywhere in the mountains, you can handle your vehicle easily. This game has no complicated things and you will get a lot of entertainment from it.

Days Gone PC Game

System Requirments For Days Gone Complete Edition
  • Intel Core I5 2400 CPU Or AMD FX 8320 processor.
  •  Require RAM Space: 4 Gb.
  • Operating System: Windows 7,8.1 and 10 with 64-bit.
  • Graphics: Video Card Geforce GTX 660 with 2 Gb Or AMD Radeon 7850 Video Card with 2 Gb.
  • Pixel And Vertex ShaderModel: 3.0.
  • Require Disk Space:10 Gb.
  •  Also, 2050 Mb Video RAM is required.

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