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Wargame: Red Dragon Torrent

Wargame: Red Dragon PC Game

Wargame: Red Dragon Torrent

Wargame: Red Dragon PC Game is a realism-based strategy war game. This game includes both gameplay modes online single-player and multiplayer. And to play in both modes this game features twenty-one countries and more than nineteen hundred units. Furthermore, the game is based on a historical cold war.

In which the Soviet Union does not end. The open world of battle grounds of the game is watched from top to bottom. That gives the player an analysis of the action. Overall the game matches the 2013 game of War Airland. Further, that was the famous game of 2013. Although the game is fairly different in gameplay.

The Gameplay Of Wargame: Red Dragon Free Download

The Gameplay Of Wargame: Red Dragon Free Download is war battle type gameplay. In which the player takes part in a squad of Army. The game includes all departments of the soldiers such as the Navy, Airforce, etc. The player can also freely choose any one of the squad’s characters. Every character of the squad can be modified according to the player’s choice. And each character is stylish and physically strong. It depends on your selection of what you want to experience. The gameplay is set in different zones and battles. The player can choose in which unit or zone he wants to play. However, in battles, the players have to set units on the basis of enemies.

For a developing base, they can fight with enemies by using weapons, vehicles, and so on. Such as firearms, tanks, and rifles. Even you can fly a war helicopter and warships. To run vehicles and weapons, the player needs to collect Fuel or ammunition. At the start of the game, the player will get the amount of fuel and ammunition. In online multiplayer gameplay mode, both opponent’s team will get the amount of fuel and ammunition. If the level of these items gets down then you can explore for more. There are different strategies included in this game. And it is much more complicated. Although after playing one or two times you will understand all systems.

Development Of Wargame: Red Dragon Highly Compressed

Development Of Wargame: Red Dragon Highly Compressed: The developer of the game is the Eugen Systems company of the game. That is a French company situated in Paris city. This is a famous company for developing strategy-based games. Furthermore, the publisher of the game is Focus Home Interactive Inc. It’s also a French game company based in France. The owner of both game companies is the Thomas Giant.

The game has been developed for over three years. The game’s franchise develops the game without any public announcement. And suddenly present the game as a surprise all over the world. It was released on 17 April 2014. It can also run on three platforms. The platforms include OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Wargame: Red Dragon Free Download

Our Review And Experience About Wargame: Red Dragon Torrent

The game Wargame: Red Dragon is one of the unique titles and the most outstanding game in-game class. In which you will get the opportunity to take command of forces of 21 countries. And experience the unique skills of every country’s forces. According to my experience the amazing features. The action game like war games is most demanding today. And for these demands, we are giving you the opportunity of this bets action game.

System Requirments Of Wargame: Red Dragon For PC
  • Intel Dual-Core CPU of 2.5 GHz speed.
  •  Require RAM: 2 GB memory minimum.
  •  Operating System: Windows XP only.
  •  Graphics Processing Unit: ATI Radeon x 1800 video card OR also Geforce 7600.
  • 3.0 model of pixel and vertex shader.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 GB Available.
  • Video RAM Memory: 256 Mb.

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