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Darkwood Highly Compressed

Darkwood Full PC GameDarkwood Highly Compressed

Darkwood PC Game is a single-player survival and horror game. The game takes place in a unique and private forest open world. In which some visitors are trapped for a certain time. Those trapped persons are the main characters of the game. The forest is full of monsters and aliens. So as it is a survival game these characters have to survive in the forest between monsters. And they have to survive till they find a way to go out of the forest. The game is complicated but it includes cut scenes to guide players. You will find your way by taking instructions from those cut scenes.

Gameplay Of Darkwood Highly Compressed Get Here

Darkwood Highly Compressed is survival gameplay with horror side quests. In this game, you will take control of a trapped person in a forest. The gameplay open world is set in a virtual forest. Where a player can explore the open world freely. And the gameplay has different stages of unique design and styles. Furthermore, each stage of the game lock. The player can play in the first stage at the start of the game. And the player has to find the key to the next stage by surviving in a stage. Also by completing different tasks and quests. Also, the gameplay includes a day and night cycle, a fighting system, a trading system, and many more things like these.

With the game, the player can also perform side quests. However, to survive in the game player needs to explore things. Such as food, water, medicine, torches, etc.Because these things are necessary to survive. And the player can not explore these things during the night cycle. You need to quickly explore these things in a day. So you can survive at night easily. Overall there are living systems. The player has limited lives. If a player dies he will lose his one life. And he will replay the game with his remaining life. With this, he will also lose his collection. If the player loses all his life then he has to restart the game from the beginning.

Development Of Darkwood Free Download

Development Of Darkwood Free Download starts at the start of 2014. And it was first released o Stem in 2014 on 24 July. Later the developers continue its development and release it for 6 platforms. The platforms of the game include Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Nintendo Switch, X Box One, and Linux platforms. And it was released for these platforms on 18 Aug 2017.

Overall it is developed by the Acid Wizard game studio. Acid also published this game with Crunching Koalas. The composer of this game is Artur Kordas. Moreover, upon its release, this game gets positive reviews from the public. And according to critics, it gets 84 percent scores out of hundred. And gets the prices of one of the top hundred games.

Our Review And Experience About Darkwood For PC

The game Darkwood is one of the top hundred games. This game has a variety of features. The best features in which I experience interesting things are the trading system, its unique side quests, and the horror combat system. The monsters in the game are so dangerous and come as a hard target in combat. These features make this game interesting and unique.

Darkwood Free Download

System Requirments For Darkwood Torrent
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2.8 GHz or advanced.
  • Minimum 4 Gb Ram.
  • Windows Vista Operating System Or related.
  • Geforce 8800 GT Video Card and ATI Radeon HD Video Card 4850.
  • Pixel Shader Model: 4.0.
  • Vertex Sader Model:4.0.
  • 6 GB requires space on the disk.
  • And also 256 Mb of Video Ram.

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