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Batman: Arkham Asylum Torrent

Batman: Arkham Asylum Download For PC

Batman: Arkham Asylum Torrent

Batman: Arkham Asylum Download For PC is a single-player action-adventure and fighting game. And played from the perspective of a 3rd person. The game franchise presents various series of Batman Arkham games. And this is one of the famous and major series of the franchise. This game also comes with the main objective, Batman.

This means it mainly focuses on Batman’s fight actions, attacks ability, knowledge, and exploration. And also the ability of the use of equipment. However, the main protagonist of the game can freely move into the open-world environment. And the game allows him to interact with other characters and to explore the new locations.

Gameplay Of Batman: Arkham Asylum Free Download

Gameplay Of Batman: Arkham Asylum Free Download is a combination of core items of action and adventure gameplay. In this game, the player assumes the control of the character Batman. As you know Batman is a superhero. And he is presented in this game with some special skills. That he uses against some criminals. Moreover, the player navigates the open world of the game by completing some missions against criminals. And the game also includes a combat system. Some places of the open world of the game are liner. And some are non-linear. The player can make other areas liner by getting progress in the game. Although the character Batman can fly, jump, and run. And he has a gripple gun through which he can climb on buildings.

Furthermore, the also works as a detective to collect information about collect the information player needs to solve some puzzles. And the player also collects some items and weapons by exploring the game world. The player also carries a gadgets bag that helps him to fight against enemies. Overall the open world of the game is so wast. However, the player wins the game by exploring the whole game world. And also by completing a mission that involves in each stage of the game.

Development Of Batman: Arkham Asylum Highly Compressed

Development Of Batman: Arkham Asylum Highly Compressed started in Jan 2007. And its development completes in the mid of 2009. The developer of the game is Rocksteady Studios. It is a British game development company. And it is situated in London. The publisher of the game is Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros Interactive entertainment company. Furthermore the director od the game is Sefton Hill. Daniel Bailie and Nathan Burlow are the producers of the game. And the programmer of the game is Ben Wyatt. David Hego is the artist and Paul Dini is the writer of the game. The game’s composers are also NickBailie and Nathan Burow. Overall, the game was released on 25 Aug 2009. It is also available for six platforms. The platforms include PlayStation 3 X box 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac Os x, and Linux.

Moreover after the release of the game this game sells out 2 million game units in 7 days. And in 1.5 months this game seel out over 2.6 million copies all around the world. According to Metacritic aggregate, this game gets 91/100 scores for the PS3 and PC platforms. And for the X 360 platform, it gets 92/100 scores. According to the publication review score, this game gets the following scores.

  • From Eurogrammer, Gamespot, and Wired it gets 9/10 scores
  • Edge magazine gives it 8/10 scores
  • IGN, CVG, and Gamespy give it 9.5/10 scores
  • 5/5 stars from the Giant Bomb game website
  • 4/5 stars from X play TV program

Batman: Arkham Asylum Download For PC

System Requirements For Batman: Arkham Asylum Torrent Get

  • Central Processing Unit: Intel Pentium 4 with 3.0 GHz speed / AMD Athlon 64 3500 processor.
  • RAM: For windows XP 1 Gb and for windows Vista 2 Gb.
  • Operating System: Windows XP and Windows Vista only.
  • Graphics Processing Unit: 3D Graphics card with 128 Mb and also Nvidia.Geforce 6600 Video Card or better.
  • Video Ram Memory: 128 Mb only.
  • Pixel Shader Model: 3.0.
  • Vertex Shader Model: 3.0.
  • Also, Require 9 Gb Free Space Of Disk.

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