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Alien Isolation For PC

Alien Isolation Complete Edition

Alien Isolation For PC

Alien Isolation Complete Edition is a horror adventure video game. In this game, you will be introduced to the true meaning of Alien’s fear. It is a game of a living terror in an atmosphere of isolation. And of permanent fear and deadly threat. In the game after completing 15 years of events of Aliens, Amanda begins a dangerous survival battle. To discover the truth about her mother’s vanish. Amanda is the daughter of Allen Replies.

In the game, you will control the main character, Amanda. And you can go through a fast unstable world. And when all parties find you in a desperate, scared population and a sudden, scary stranger. You need to look for resources to find a solution. And use your intelligence to get success in your task, but also to survive.

The Gameplay of Alien Isolation Highly Compressed

The Gameplay of Alien Isolation Highly Compressed is an adventure game that plays solo games and exposes the roles of concealment and survival. In this game, the player controls the main character Amanda from a first-person. And you have to find the station and meet your goals to defeat enemies. Moreover, goals enclosure is from running computers to collecting specific things or reaching main game areas. The player can run, climb stairs, go through ventilation holes, and can go after objects. You can watch or pause the game for visibility. The player can also go under the tables and in the locker room to hide from enemies. You can also kill them with a shotgun or other abusive methods.

The main opponent is a stranger, follows the game’s follower during the game. An alien creature can’t be kill, forcing the player to use shelter performance to be alive. In place of following an already decided route, outsiders can actively control the blockages. And follow the player with eyes or voice. Moreover, during the game, the player can use a flashlight and a tracer to detect extraterrestrial movements of opponents. But if you use any one of these then opponents can also find you. Such as if the enemy moves and he come close to you, the sound of the furrow draws the stranger into it. That will force the player to use the furrow. And he also must need to clear it immediately as the movement is detected. The motion monitor can’t trace unpleasant enemies.

Development Of Alien Isolation For PC

Development Of Alien Isolation For PC  is developed by Creative Assembly. And published by Sega. The best-known work of this company is that he worked on the Total War strategy game series. Furthermore, the idea of ​​making the game is based on a series of 20th-century aliens film. Advertiser Sega acquired the rights to create Alien Games in December 2006. when the company ended the Viking Battle for the 2008 Asgard title.

Furthermore, it is directed by Alistair Hope. And produce Jonathan Court and Oli Smith. The designer of this game is Gary Napper and Clive Lindop. However, Clive Gratton is the programmer and Jude Bond is the artist of this game. The game released on 7 Oct 2014 worldwide. It is released for the following platforms.

  • Microsoft Windows     Playstation 4
  • PlayStation 3                Xbox 360
  • Xbox One                      Linux
  • OS X                               Nintendo Switch

Alien Isolation Complete Edition

System Requirements For Alien Isolation Torrent
  • Central Processing Unit: Intel Core Duo E 8500 / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 or better.
  • Central Processing Unit Speed: INFO.
  • Required RAM: 4Gb.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 with 32 Bit Version.
  • Radeon  Video Card HD 5550 / Nvidia Geforce GT 430.
  • 5.0 Pixel Shader.
  • Also 5.0 Vertex Shader.
  • 30 Gb Free Space For Disk.
  • 1 Gb Video RAM.

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