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God Of War 2018 Highly Compressed

God Of War 2023 Highly Compressed PC Game

God Of War 2018 Highly Compressed

God Of War Highly Compressed is a royal battle war game. The game is prepared by the Santa studio. And it is published by sony SEI. It is released for Xbox One, PlayStation, and Microsoft windows. it is released on 20 Apr 2018. Moreover, it comes on 18 numbers in the God of war game series. In these series, they present two characters. And it is for the first time. Furthermore, the playable character of the game is Kartos. And also his son Atreus. The player can control him in an inactive way also. After the death of Carto’s second wife.

They travel to spread her ashes on the peat of nine realms. It’s her wife’s wish that’s why they travel for it. Karto keeps his previous life detail safe from his son. Furthermore, on their journey, they face monsters. And they also fight with them. The Franchise put a new important feature in gameplay. That change is that Kartos use a magical ax in place of his chain. In this game, there are also video game elements character added. And the son of Kratos gives help in Acres’s fight. The game also receives some awards. About its design, graphics, and unique functions. However, the game sale out 5 5 million copies within 1 month. And 10 million copies in May 2019.

Gameplay Of God Of War 2023 Free Download

Gameplay Of God Of War 2018 Free Download is an action thriller war game. It is also full of adventures. And it has the function of the camera over the shoulder. However, its gameplay is different from previous games. In it, the player controls the Kratos in battle. And Kartos does not use his old chain weapon in it. Kartos also use the magical Axe in it. Furthermore, Kratos can through his Axe on enemies. And his Axe returned in his hand magically.

There are some main places of enemies. Kartos through his Axe on those places. That makes his Enemy stunned. And also to bomb blast he can use around things. With Axe, he can make a powerful attack. And with time, his score increased. And he can take more magical attacks. Moreover, to complete the game player also have some options. Moreover, Kratos also use a weapon of a shield.

Development of The Game God Of War 2023 Torrent

Development of The Game God Of War 2022 Torrent Santa Monica says that the developments start in this game in 2014. It takes 5 years to prepare. And it is developed for PlayStation 4. The new director’s installment of the game is Barlog. He also has experience with previous games of these series. Moreover, this game is based on Kratos’ story. This game sells out 3.1 million copies in the first 3 days of development. It is the best-selling ps4 exclusives game. Moreover, it sale out over 2.7 million copies in its first week.

Characters of the Game God Of War 2022 For PC Free The main character of the game is Kratos and his son. Kartus is the son of Zeus. He is a warrior. Furthermore, he belongs to Sparta. She is the mother of Atreus. Atreus doesn’t know about the feature of his father. But he can listen to other nature beings. However, the main role of his enemy is Baldur. He is the brother of Thor.

The Plot Of The Game God Of War 2022 Complete Edition

The Plot Of The Game God Of War 2018 Many years are passed. Kratos gets his revenge on his enemies. And he is living with his son in a Midgard circle. This game is open after the death of Krato’s mother. And also after his second wife’s death. Furthermore, his wife’s wish is to spread her ashes on the peak of the nine realms. In this story, Kratos fight with a man with god powers. And after beating that, man they start their journey.

God Of War 2018 PC Game

System Requirments for God War 2022

Operating system(OS) 128 bit

And OS having 8Ghz x2 Quad Octa Core PC

 Required RAM 16 GB

 MINIMUM Graphics Card 8GB

Graphics card with Minimum DIRECTX 15.

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