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BioShock Download For PC


BioShock Download For PC is a first-person action shooter game. It is the first game in Bioshock Games. The game follows the adventure of a film. The main character of the game follows the film’s hero Jack. In an adventure of the film, Jack’s aircraft falls on earth near an ocean.

Furthermore, he came into the world of Rapture under the earth. Rapture’s World is created by Andrew Rayan. The city is full of wired living animals. That is born for genetic material. The player Jack tried to go out a form of that word. And face various animals and difficulties on his path.

Gameplay Of BioShock Complete Edition

Gameplay Of BioShock Complete Edition is a type of action shooting gameplay. In this game, the player takes control of the main character, Jack. Jack is finding the path to run away from Rapture’s world. As that world is full of dangerous animals. Jack can use different weapons to kill them. But he has to collect the weapons during the game. On the other hand, you will need different weapons to kill different enemies. Because all the enemies can’t be defeated from one weapon. The player can carry 2 to 3 weapons at a time. And can change them quickly during the fight against enemies.

Furthermore, if you get injured then your heath will show you on the meter on your screen. And to regain health you have to collect medicines during the game. That will help you to keep healthy. And if you die you have to replay the game. The player can also have to collect money and pyramids during the game. The money will help you to buy new weapons. And through pyramids, you can trap your enemy. And the main thing at the start of the game you will be given a camera. Through which you can take pictures of your enemies. And they can learn about them. That how you can defeat them.

Development Of BioShock Free Download

Development Of BioShock Free Download: The franchise uses Unreal Engine 2.5 for this game. And also add some latest technologies in this engine. They start the development of the game in 2002. And this game takes a long period of five years in its development. This game is developed by 2K Boston and 2k Australia. The publisher of Bioshock is a 2k Games company. Furthermore, the director of the game is Ken Levine. He is also the writer of the game. Paul Hellquist is the designer of the game. And Rowan Wyborn, Christopher Kline are the programmers of this game.

Scott Sinclair is the artist os the game. However, Garry Schyyman is the composer of this game. The game was released on 21 Aug 2007. It is available for these platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, X Box 360, iOS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One. Moreover, this game gets a 96/100 score from Metacritic for the Xbox 360 platform. It also gets 94/100 for PS3. And it gets 5/5 stars to form Allgame according to publication score. It also gets a 10/10 score form EGM, Gameinformer, and Eurogrammer.

Our Review And Experience About BioShock Highly Compressed

According to my experience and review, this is the best amazing game. The game features a new style of gameplay with the latest technology. However, graphics of this game are seeable. And weapons used in the game are so powerful and advance.

BioShock Highly Compressed

System Requirements For BioShock Torrent Get
  • Windows XP or Vista having service pack 2 (Operating System).
  • Central Processing Unit: Intel core Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz.
  • Also, Require 1 Gb Ram and Direct X 9.0 c Video Card with 3.0 Pixel and Vertex Shader Model.
  • Direct X 9.0 C 100 percent good Sound Card.
  • 8 Gb Free Space Of Hard Drive.

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Download This Game from Developer Website: Link



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